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From Captain America and Batman to Mission Impossible and Fast & Furious, we have delivered automotive solutions for some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood. Through our dedicated fleet of vehicles for the TV and film industry, we fully understand the special transportation needs of studios. At AGS, we cover the entire automotive supply chain a film production company may need, from luxury cars on screen, to trailers and trucks, to cranes – often at a moment’s notice.

The service we offer is not just about the quality of our vehicles, but about getting to know our clients and exactly what they need from us. We understand the necessity for the utmost discretion when working with TV and film production companies, and pride ourselves on the fact our clients return to us time and again.

See below a gallery of just some of the film and TV work we have been involved in.  We are specialists in location services, we are discrete and can offer a fast worldwide service.

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