Stay Safe: Our Covid Strategy

As 2021 rolls on, we are still in a changing landscape with degrees of uncertainty. When it comes to Coronavirus, AGS is staying up to date with government and public health official recommendations and will continue to communicate changes as needed.

We continuously monitor and adhere to alerts and information outlined by the World Health Organization. Our employees undertake a Covid test every two weeks and our workshops remain open, so customers can continue to book the relevant services they need.

We operate ultraviolet light devices and fogging machines to disinfect vehicle cabins for trucks, buses and cars, as well as our offices. Hand sanitiser is also available at several locations on site and there is a limit of six people in reception at any one time. We also ensure that customers adhere to the two-metre social distancing recommendations.

Before entering the offices, workshop or other premises, all employees and visitors are asked to perform a three-step health screening checklist:

1. Is their temperature above 37.8°C?
2. Do they have any symptoms?
3. Have they been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, and not completed the required self-quarantine period?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then the person will be asked to stay at home. In addition, everyone coming into the AGS workshop or offices has to have their temperature taken with our non-invasive temperature check device.

At AGS, our customer service and safety is of the utmost importance. We will continue to keep up to date with any policy changes and inform our customers and employees of these updates at all times.