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We believe that an exceptional fleet demands an exceptional garage created specially for your automotive needs. Our new 64,000 sq ft full-service workshop provides a complete range of services for all commercial and electrical vehicles with the latest technology. As well as being a Mercedes-Benz franchisee, our strong team of multi-brand specialists ensure your vehicle is treated with the highest levels of care and attention. We are also leading the way in electric support with specialist technicians, dedicated parts, and 10 electric charging points.

Electric is the way to a cleaner future, but it can be a daunting process to make the switch. AGS can support this change with our trained technicians and specialist workshop, which houses 10 electric charging points. Electric vans are ideal for those who operate in urban areas averaging around 50 to 200 miles per day with a payload of 905kg or less. We can cater for all your requirements, ensuring minimum vehicle downtime.

  • Reduced servicing and fuel costs
  • Reduced road tax charges
  • Zero daily congestion and ULEZ Fees
  • Reduced charging times for up to 80% in 30-120 Minutes

We are also one of the only Mercedes Benz dealer in the UK to provide an ATF lane for both truck servicing and MOT in one place. Our flexible evening and Saturday hours ensure that you can receive both services at the same time, resulting in valuable savings in cost, time and administration.

We are proud to offer the full range of OMNIplus Services, including OMNIplus ServiceCards and OMNIplus ON for all the digital aspects of your buses.

Services include

  • Routine servicing and maintenance for all vehicles, such as: clutches, brakes, CAM belts, steering, shock absorbers, suspension components and head gaskets
  • Windscreen and tyre replacement
  • Tail-lift servicing and repairs
  • Air conditioning servicing and repairs
  • Fast fit services, such as for: clutches, brakes, brake pads, alternators and batteries
  • LEZ exhaust fitting
  • Tachograph maintenance
  • Advanced repairs, such as hydraulic maintenance
  • Heathrow-approved inspections
  • Rapid part-fitting services
  • Mercedes-Benz specialist
  • Same-day delivery of Mercedes Benz parts
  • Sophisticated electronic documentation with Truckfile, for updates and reminders

Full OMNIplus Services

  • Full repair and service facilities
  • Skilled OMNIplus trained technicians
  • Parts department
  • 24-hour breakdown service
  • Repairs at customer’s site
  • Specialist diagnostic tools
  • Maintenance packages

Please call us on 0208 572 2525 to arrange workshop assistance

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